Have there ever been moments when you’ve dreamt of a THC-alternative as an ending to your day? Something outside the bounds of your usual glass of wine or beer? If so, then you will love the hottest trend in today’s cannabis market! Nano-emulsion in cannabis beverages. 

It sounds very scientific (because it is), but we’re going to break it down so you can understand what nano-emulsion is and why you should be excited about how it can change your cannabis experience.

Exploring Cannabis Beverages

Picture this: a refreshing drink infused with the goodness of cannabis. Sounds magical, right? These delightful creations are crafted by blending cannabinoids, such as CBD or THC, with your favorite concoctions. The choices are endless, from juices and teas to sparkling waters and craft sodas, allowing you to savor the experience while enjoying the benefits of cannabis — deliciously and conveniently.

In general, cannabis-infused drinks can provide many advantages that other consumption methods lack. Chief among them: cannabis beverages provide a discreet and portable way to consume cannabis without paraphernalia or strong odors. 

The wide range of flavors and beverage options allows you to find a cannabis-infused drink that suits your palate. This enhances the overall experience. Additionally, many cannabis beverages come with precise dosing information. This allows you to manage and control your cannabinoid intake.

Understanding Nano-emulsion Technology

Nano-emulsion technology may sound like a mouthful, but fear not! It’s a clever scientific process that involves breaking down cannabinoids into teeny-tiny particles. These are usually in the nanometer range (that’s a millionth of a millimeter!)

These minuscule particles are then dispersed in water or other water-containing solutions, resulting in a water-soluble form of cannabinoids. In simple terms, the cannabinoids are transformed into a form that easily mixes with liquids like your favorite beverage without settling or separating.

Using this technology, cannabis producers can take cannabis-infused beverages to the next level and craft a wide variety of options. They incorporate water-soluble cannabinoids into these beverages, ensuring consumers a consistent and enjoyable experience.

The Science Behind Nano-emulsion in Cannabis Beverages

Nano-emulsion technology considerably affects cannabis beverages, namely their potency. The process of nano-emulsion increases the surface area of the cannabinoids, resulting in improved solubility and dispersion in liquids. Bioavailability, or the ability of the cannabinoids to be absorbed in the body, is therefore significantly increased.

By enhancing their bioavailability, nano-emulsion technology allows for higher potency in cannabis beverages, meaning you can experience the effects of cannabinoids more intensely, even with smaller serving sizes.

Additionally, our bodies can utilize a more significant proportion of the ingested cannabinoids. This leads to a more effective and efficient absorption, allowing you to experience the full potential of the cannabinoids in your cannabis beverage.

The Benefits of Nano-emulsion in Cannabis Beverages

Now that we know more about nano-emulsion and how to incorporate it into cannabis beverages, let’s talk about some of the main benefits:

  • Swift, Improved Impact

Think of it as the cannabis bullet train, cruising right into your bloodstream. Thanks to nano-emulsion technology, high-potency cannabis beverages can provide a faster onset of effects than traditional edibles.

The small particle size achieved through nano-emulsion allows the cannabinoids to be easily absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, bypassing the usual delays caused by digestion. As a result, the cannabinoids enter your bloodstream more rapidly. This leads to quicker and more efficient delivery of their effects.

  • Your Dose, Your Way!

Gain complete control over your cannabis journey, thanks to the most precise dosing and equal distribution of THC in every drop. This precise dosing allows you to experiment and find your ideal level of enjoyment, ensuring a safe and personalized experience, every time.

  • Stealthily Indulging Cannabis Beverages

Swap the traditional ways with this subtle and sleek solution. High-potency nano-emulsion cannabis beverages provide a discreet way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without drawing attention to yourself. If you are in an alcohol-focused setting, you can partake in activities without having to opt out of the social aspect of drinking a beverage with friends or family.


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So, raise your glass (or can) and toast to the wonders of nano-emulsion technology. This is where cannabis and beverages meet to create a truly delightful experience. Whether you’re a veteran of the canna-community or a curious newbie, let’s celebrate your own unique path into the dazzling world of cannabis-infused drinks.

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And remember, at Stem, our brilliant budtenders are always here to guide you on your journey. Please never hesitate to drop a question or share your favorite ‘cannalife’ story. Cheers to the flowering future of cannabis-infused adventures!

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*Always consult a physician before making any changes to your health or fitness regimen.*