Hey there, fellow weed aficionados! Whether you’re a cannasseur, just canna-curious, or anywhere in between, MJBizCon is your fast track to the heart of everything wonderful in our cannabis world. Picture a gathering born from the passion of a few pot pioneers that has evolved into a playground for newbies, green thumbs, and everyone in-between.

More than a Conference — A Celebration of Cannalife

MJBizCon offers much more than your standard conference chit-chat. Picture a gathering of green-hearted souls, teaming up to converse and connect. It’s a welcoming community filled with discussions, events, and a constant flow of bud-brainwaves.

MJBizCon, initiated in 2012 by Marijuana Business Daily, is an annual cannabis conference in Las Vegas. It started as a modest gathering offering guidance to pioneers navigating the growing legal cannabis market. Now, it has grown exponentially, catering to a broader range of topics from cultivation technology to medical research advances. 

Known for being a networking hub for professionals and investors, the conference also hosts roundtables and special events to foster collaboration.

stemhaver hill execs outside the las vegas downtown sign


MJBizCon: Steering the Cannabis Industry Towards a Greener Future

As you can see, MJBizCon isn’t just about fun and games. Imbedded like a seed within its core is a commitment to sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly practices. Apart from sharing strains and leafy tidbits with your fellow enthusiasts, you’re also invited to roll up your sleeves and participate in conversations regarding fairness in the industry and world-friendly weed practices. Pretty rad, right?

Learn, Connect & Get Inspired

Now imagine an event full of learning, networking, inspiring keynotes, and plenty more that keeps your neurons ticking from wake n’ bake to late-night vape. That’s MJBizCon for you, friend. It’s not just a conference; it’s a tripping point into a world strung with the latest cannabis innovations, featuring products and services that are redefining the way we enjoy our beloved plant.

Tuning In to the MJBizCon Vibe

Stepping into MJBizCon is like walking into a bustling green city, pulsating with life and excitement. But if you’re a first-timer, relax, soak it in, and let the waves of energy carry you through. These are your people, your community, and this is your time to lean into the vibe, learn, laugh and love every toke of the experience.


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