Today, it’s just as easy to buy edibles as it is to buy flower. But smoking and taking edibles are very different experiences and it’s good to know which method is best for you and for the vibes. Let’s talk about the differences and similarities to lead you in the right direction for a great time.

Enjoying a Classic Smoke Session

Smoking is the more traditional method of getting high and there’s a lot of different ways to do it. From the classic joint, eccentric glass blown pipes, or a beautifully crafted bong, there’s a smoking method for everyone. That choice really depends on personal preference after experimenting with your options. Personally, I can’t resist the That 70’s Show feeling of passing around a joint.

A main aspect of smoking is that the results are quick. You’ll start to feel the effects set in in just a few minutes. That being said, the high from smoking is also a quicker experience. Depending how much you smoked, the strain, and your personal tolerance, a high from smoking generally peaks after 30 minutes. I prefer this method for when I want to jump right into a creative groove, when I want to get the party going, or when I’m really eager to start relaxing after a long day.

In total, a high from smoking lasts about 1-4 hours. This shorter time span can work better for a midday session or if you just prefer not to be high for a long time. It’s easier to move on with your day or sober up by the end of the party and get back to your regularly scheduled programming. Of course, it’s also easy to keep the party going and smoke some more!

The Growing World of Edibles

Edibles today are increasingly accessible, creating new methods of consumption and different ways to enjoy THC. Whether you’re just looking to mix things up or looking to steer away from smoking, edibles are a great option. With candies, oils, baked goods, and drinks, choices are endless and seriously delicious. I love sipping a THC seltzer, it’s like a cocktail without the hangover.

Much different from smoking, edibles take a longer time to set in and they keep the high going longer. You might not feel high for up to 2 hours after consumption, peaking generally around 4 hours, and the effects lasting for up to 12 hours. I love edibles for long hang-outs with friends, a big hike, or for a really solid night’s sleep.

Edibles are also great if you want to be very precise with dosage. For me, 2.5 MG adds a nice calm vibe to regular tasks, while 10 MG brings me into the full experience of a nice high. This control is good practice for beginners or anyone looking to avoid the “oops” feeling of taking one too many hits. Because the effects last so long, it’s best to start with a low dosage, wait for the full effects, and see how it feels for you.

What’s Right for You

With cannabis, there’s really no right or wrong way to consume. Any method is going to bring on the giggles or help you veg out. To make the best choice for yourself, experiment with consumption methods, dosage, and strains. See how these different methods feel in different settings. Soon enough you’ll have your own preferences and favorite treats. Most importantly, consume safely and have a happy high!


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Written by Abby Shoults