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You may be familiar with the strain, ‘Chemdawg,’ but did you know that it actually gets its name from a real person who is genuine cannabis royalty? Follow along with this blog as we shine some light on a grower that is well-known in the cannabis industry: Chemdog.


Who is ‘Chemdog’?

First, let’s talk about the man behind the popular strain. Gregory Krzanowski, a.k.a. ‘Chemdog,’ got his nickname from the now-famous strain he was fortunate enough to come across at a Grateful Dead concert in the early 90s. He is a proud Massachusetts native and expert cannabis cultivator who subsequently kept the mother plant (‘Chem 91’) alive for several decades, its cuttings spawning many other potent strains we know and love.

Unfortunately, in 2011, his grow and his home were raided by federal agents. He was arrested and forced to forfeit all of his funds — thankfully avoiding jail time but ultimately deciding to take a “long hiatus” from the growing scene. After a decade underground, and in this new cannabis reality, he’s back in the game.

This time, legally:

He is now overseeing the growing operation at Canna Provisions. They are a western MA cannabis company which proudly features 20 of his own original strains! Coming up this month, Stem is thrilled to host a pop-up featuring the famous Chemdog at our retail dispensary.


About the ‘Chemdawg’ Strain:

Next, let’s talk about this widely-renowned strain. Chemdawg is a hybrid with a lineage that no one’s really certain of, however it has been said that it comes from Nepalese/Thai sativa landraces. There are various accounts of its origin story that have been swirling around breeder circles for many years now, and rightfully so. (Many pretenders would love to lay claim to this heavy-hitter!)


Talking Genetics

Although its own lineage is murky, there are various buds that have been developed with ‘Chemdawg’/‘Chem 91’ as the parent. These strains have also become popular favorites across the land; you may have heard of its tasty offspring enjoyed by cannabis lovers throughout, such as Sour Diesel and OG Kush.


Aroma & Taste

Now for the good stuff. You might be wondering, What does the Chemdawg strain smell and taste like? Well, savvy cannabis enthusiasts, you’re in for a treat! The hallmarks of this selection are an unmistakably pungent, diesel-esque aroma with a bit of a chemical tinge.

Fully expressed and lovingly cured, Chemdawg is indeed a smooth smoke that tastes sour when you are inhaling. This flavor is transformed to the aforementioned chemical/ammonia notes when the user is exhaling.


What are the effects of Chemdawg?

Furthermore, you might also be wondering, What effects can I expect when consuming the Chemdawg strain for the first time? When sparking up its resinous buds (known to be so sticky that a grinder is highly recommended) users can expect to experience an uplifting, euphoric creativity boost.

According to a poll of Leafly readers, this strain has also helped with the following:

  • 30% of readers reported that it helped them with pain. 
  • 2% of readers reported that it helped them with anxiety.
  • 9% of readers reported that it helped them with stress.


As you can see, there are many potentially beneficial effects associated with this strain. Some side effects can include dizziness, red eyes, and dry mouth. Because it is more potent than other varieties, Chemdawg is recommended more for experienced consumers. First-time users: be sure to start low and go slow.



Cannabis terpenes have rightfully come to the forefront of cannabis science due to their therapeutic potential. Here are two terpenes you will find in abundance within the Chemdawg strain:

This terpene is known for its antioxidant, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

This terpene is known for its sedative, analgesic, and antidiabetic properties, as well as being an antioxidant, antibacterial, and antimicrobial.


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As we mentioned above, we’re beyond excited about the upcoming pop-up featuring ‘Chemdog’ coming up this month, so stay tuned to our social media channels for more details.


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