Cannabis saved my life!

Being a Mother is my superpower, and ten years ago postpartum depression threatened everything I thought I could be as a mother. I was six months pregnant when I found out my ex-husband was having an affair and gave birth to my second child soon after, immediately becoming a single mother. I went from being […]

My Birthday Ask With Shaleen Title

shaleen title massachusetts state house cannabis legalization

I’m turning 40 this week. I realized recently it’s been more than a decade since people first started calling me an OG in the movement to legalize cannabis. Some of my mentors have left us, and my mentees now all have mentees of their own. My child will never see the prohibition era that I […]

Learning About ‘Chemdog’

group smoking chemdog cannabis

Here at Stem in Haverhill, we operate with the enduring belief that cannabis can be a viable source of wellness and natural self-care for all. Therefore, we strive to meticulously select and carefully curate only the absolute finest flower and products available on the Massachusetts market.  We also believe in transparency, education, and awareness when […]

Will Luzier Cannabis Activist Blog

will luzier

Let’s set the time machine for February 1971, Buffalo, NY… A long-haired student activist (easily recognized by his distinctive olive drab British Army greatcoat and black bowler hat) is walking home a half block from his apartment — when, just as a police car approaches — a newspaper falls from his pocket.  He is asked […]

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